The Best Teachers Treat Learning as a Holistic Experience

Some people study for years in order to learn how to be a teacher, however many other people find themselves ending up having responsibility for teaching almost by accident. If you have fallen into a training role then you may not necessarily have all the knowledge that you need in order to impart the information in the correct way. However, those involved in training these days are at a huge advantage purely because of the availability of interactive resources. Mohsin Bolwala, Managing Director of Continuity Marketing and a specialist in teaching skills, is passionate about the ways in which people learn and he considers teaching to be a holistic experience.

He says, ‘During the course of my career I have come to realize without doubt that everybody learns in different ways. Understanding your students’ individual learning needs can be tricky but one sure fire way in which to ensure that you are doing your best for them is to teach them using all of their senses. When people read a book they are very likely to forget some if not all of it, however research has shown that if they hear a book, discuss it with peers and write about it they are far likelier to retain the information. Using all the senses including listening, speaking and writing is absolutely key to the effectiveness of the education and every teacher must understand that they need to exercise all of their students’ senses. This holistic approach to teaching has never been more effective and that is thanks in no small part to the availability of interactive resources. Whenever I am putting together a training package I ensure that it will appeal to a variety of sense. I make learning fun and interactive and I enjoy watching my students succeed.’

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