Continuity Marketing Discusses Ways to Reduce Stress

Sometimes stress overtakes and makes us feel like there is no way out. We’re here to let you know that any kind of stress, work-related or personal can be combated with. Especially when it is work-related stress you can do numerous things to help tame you emotions and control at least some of it. “At Continuity Marketing we promote a positive environment, so that our workers feel confident in their abilities and progress,” says Mo Bolwala, CEO of Continuity Marketing. According to Success Magazine, the writer Serenity Gibbons writes about various ways to deal with stress through meditation. Some of the ways have really stood out to us and we practice these weekly, if not daily.


Gibbons writes, “The positive effects of meditation have been well documented over the years, but time-challenged professionals hardly have time to go to yoga every day. Luckily, you don’t have to take a regular class to put valuable meditation techniques into use in your everyday life. Here are some meditation practices you can bring into your daily stressful situations: Practice mindful awareness. One of the most useful aspects of yoga for your daily life is mindful awareness. In a meditation session, this involves merely clearing your mind and focusing on the present moment. By centering yourself and thinking only about your breathing and posture, you can move yourself away from the stresses of the day and truly be in the moment.”


“Meditation comes in different forms and techniques. For some it may be sitting in a quiet room and focusing in on their thoughts and organizing their mind to make it less stressful. For others, it may be spending time with family and friends in a calm, comfortable environment,” says Mo Bolwala of Continuity Marketing.


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